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posted Tue 9th May 2017 at 19:18

Let's Hear it For Archie

Let’s Make Archie’s Dream a Reality
Welcome to the Behind the Bar blog. My name is Sean White and I’m the landlord of The Queen’s Head in Pinner’s historic High Street. Along with my team I share the goings on at our busy pub which has sat proudly at the centre of the community since 1540.

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”
Those wise words came from a man who takes ever present pride of place in The Queen’s Head while he watches over our guests.
Sir Winston Churchill summed up the spirit of giving with that quote and his portrait sits in our bar and has done for decades.
Tomorrow, Wednesday 10 May, we’re following that giving spirit and holding a charity event to raise money for a young boy called Archie.
He suffers from Cerebral Palsy and needs an operation which will greatly improve his mobility and enhance his quality of life.
However, the treatment is not available on the NHS and costs £50,000. His parents have done a great job raising £32,000 already.
We’ll be doing our bit by holding the event which will feature a delicious curry banquet provided by Mila and her team from Visage, our neighbours on the High Street.
The delights on the night include Chicken Korma, Chicken Curry, Goan Fish Curry, Lamb Curry and Vegetable Aloo.
There is also a fantastic range of starters and accompaniments all for just £6 a head.
A massive thanks to Mila and her team and the fine folk at Hiltons Butchers on Bridge Street who provided the meat for what promises to be a fantastic event raising money for a very worthy cause.
We look forward to seeing you all.
Thanks for reading,

posted Sat 11th May 2017 at 22:24

When Everyone is Irish for the Day

When Everyone’s Irish for a Day

Welcome to the Behind the Bar blog. My name is Sean White and I’m the landlord of The Queen’s Head in Pinner’s historic High Street. Along with my team I share the goings on at our busy pub which has sat proudly at the centre of the community since 1540.

As a proud son of Irish immigrants to this country I’ve grown up with the St Patrick’s Day celebrations.
It’s in my blood- literally.
It’s a day to have fun, be around friends and celebrate the best the Emerald Isle has to offer.
One of my favourite things about St Pat’s Day (this year on Friday 17 March) is that for 24 hours everyone has the chance to become Irish regardless of where they’re from.
I know an Asian gentleman who celebrates the day just as enthusiastically as me or anyone else in my clan.
It’s not just about marketing and using the green, white and gold, to sell more of the black stuff.
It’s a day which says a lot about Irish people’s nature. Inclusive, down to earth, mischievous and with a love of life and having a great craic!
In a world increasingly divided it’s great to have a focal point for people of ALL nationalities, sexualities and political peculiarities to come together and enjoy themselves.
And at The Queen’s Head we’ve decided that times like these need to last a little longer.
So we’re having a St Patrick’s Day Weekend.
On Friday 17th we’ll kick off with free Irish stew washed down with pints of Guinness and Fosters at just £3.
We’ve also got  Jameson’s Irish whisky on offer for £3, an option to turn your Carlsberg (or Fosters) green in honour of St Pat and we’ll be having Jason Hakin in playing live music.
In true Gaelic fashion the party carries on the next day with a lot more of the above.
Over the weekend we will also be unveiling our Queen’s Head Top Secret Irish Cocktail.
So head on over to see us whether you hail from Cork or Calcutta, Galway or Ghana, Dubrovnik or Dublin! Everyone’s welcome.


posted Fri 27th May 2017 at 14:58

Love is in the air

Welcome to the Behind the Bar blog. My name is Sean White and I’m the landlord of The Queen’s Head in Pinner’s historic High Street. Along with my team I share the goings on at our busy pub which has sat proudly at the centre of the community since 1540.
Love is in the Air – for a While
My apologies for the recent gap in my blogs.
It’s been hectic as usual and I’m writing this after our Burns’ Night special which was a fantastic success.
Seeing local councillor, and proud Scotsman, Norman Stevenson, dramatically addressing a Haggis is something which will live long in my memory.
One of the things I really love about running a pub is you get to see people enjoying themselves.
Food, drink and good company – it’s a recipe for a great time when money, health, financial and other worries are suspended for a while.
The Queen’s Head is a love factory. There it is. I said it and I’ll stick to it and explain why.
With so much anger, anxiety and hate in the world right now it’s worth thinking about the things we love.
I’m blessed that I have a loving family, a job I adore and close friends.
I also feel very lucky to have a team of staff who are great to work with and feel like an extension of my family.
It’s always my goal to make sure that my staff are looked after well. That’s why I pay way above the minimum wage, invest in their training, going out for team dinners and making sure they all get free taxis home when they finish a night shift.
We’ve also introduced a great project called PerkBox which is a website for hospitality workers packed with discounts and freebies. The staff love it.
It seems only right to continue this love theme by telling you about what we have planned for the  Valentine’s period.
I think the world needs more love right now so we’re hosting our Five Days of Valentine’s Day event.
From Friday 10th to Tuesday 14th of February we’re giving lovers a bigger window to show their devotion at The Queen’s Head.
We’ll be running a special offer of two delicious Barrel & Stone artisan pizzas, a bottle of prosecco and two fresh ice creams – all for just £35, a saving of £12.
If that isn’t enough to get your heart racing then I don’t know what will.
So till next time keep loving, laughing and enjoying life.
Thanks for reading and pop in and see us soon.

posted Fri 11th May 2016 at 18:06

Trump, Taxes and Turning the Tables

Trump, Taxes and Turning the Tables

Like most of the UK I was stunned by Donald Trump storming to the US presidency.
Like many I have been left in disbelief, feeling deflated and very concerned by his success and what it means for all of our futures.
But I can understand how he rose to the most powerful job in the world.
Millions of Americans feel left behind. Their jobs have been sent overseas through corporate greed and government weaknesses. He promised them he’d fix it.
Corporate greed is something that needs to be tackled but is a billionaire who boasts about tax avoidance really the man to do it?
Taxes are a sore point for me this week.
I’ve just been told by Harrow Council that my rates will be rising by £6000 a year.
Add that to a proposed ten per cent rise and the increased cost of pretty much everything we buy. And that’s not mentioning the tremendous rate of tax on alcohol sales.
But what really got me annoyed was when Harrow Council told me that the 5 chairs outside of the pub which have adjoining tables will cost me £2300 a year if I want to leave them there, despite the fact they are on my land.
The council also wants to charge any local business £50 a year to have A boards out on the street (along with a £42 administration fee!) Dress it up as you like but I see this as extra taxation hidden under a cloak of red tape.
That £50 is nothing to Starbucks, Cafe Rouge or Carluccio’s but to the small businesses on the High Street it’s a shift for an employee, money out of the training pot or taken away from already shrinking income.
The council’s logic on rates is baffling. Do they want small business out of the High Street and surrounding areas?
As a business we try to do the right things – we pay our staff above the minimum wage, take their development and training seriously and in terms of the community we provide a safe, warm and sociable place for people to meet.
But if the council’s number crunchers had their way we’d be taxed out of existence and many other local businesses fighting for survival would to.
And for the sake of everyone in the community we can’t allow that to happen.
Thanks for reading

posted Thu 22nd May 2016 at 19:11

The Queen's Head in 2036 and Nigel Farage Dropping in.

The Queen’s Head in 2036 and Nigel Farage Dropping in.

I jumped into my time machine this week and tapped in the year 2036 – destination The Queen’s Head.
In all seriousness I was asked about what I thought the future of pubs would look like in twenty years time.
I really got me thinking and here are my thoughts on the subject.
Pubs will need to innovate and evolve or the list of 20 pubs a week shutting for good will grow and grow to the point of extinction.
The successful pubs of the future will need to have a very good food offering. They’ll need to have interiors that match the current style or pitch themselves as traditional, heritage rich pubs.
But the really big thing I think you’ll see with pubs that thrive in the future is the availability of accommodation. Rooms above pubs will be needed to bring in a revenue stream, alongside that of food, and of course drink.
It’s almost as if we’ve gone full circle from ye days of olde when all pubs / inns had rooms for hire.
Obviously the future can’t be predicted with 100 per cent certainty that really would require a time machine or crystal ball. But I know one thing for sure is that most pubs will have to work harder and offer more variety and innovate more than they currently do.
That’s why we’ve introduced Fresh Pizzas to our bar menu. Today (Thursday 22 September) sees us launch our partnership with Barrel and Stone who make the finest artisan pizzas you’ll find this side of Turin!
We’ll be handing out free samples from the range and with 8 varieties, including gluten free, vegetarian and create your own there’s something on offer for everyone. And with a ten minute turnaround they are fast but very high quality food.
Innovation was also the reason we originally joined forces with local deli Carpentier & Co and our street food evenings on Thursdays and Fridays continue to prove really popular.
This week you’re in for some TexMex magic and over the next few weeks there’s plenty more great food coming our way.
So you’re probably asking why Nigel Farage was mentioned in the headline of this blog.
I make no secret that I can’t stand the man but when the BBC approached me about filming some scenes for a comedy mockumentary about him using the pub as a location I couldn’t turn it down.
The pub will be closed on the 4/5th October when filming takes place. We’ll be opening our doors on both days at 7.30pm so the evening trade will be unaffected.
Also just a reminder that our second gin festival be – gins (see what I did there?) on October 1st.

Thanks for reading,
Sean ‘Captain Kirk’ White

posted Wed 24th May 2016 at 19:30

Win Win Win

Win Win Win

Welcome to the Behind the Bar blog. My name is Sean White and I’m the landlord of The Queen’s Head in Pinner’s historic High Street. Along with my team I share the goings on at our busy pub which has sat proudly at the centre of the community since 1540.

With the fabulous success of Team GB in Rio winning things is at the top of the news agenda.
The achievements of the athletes in Brazil has been inspiring and closer to home we’ve been putting a winning team together ourselves.
Let me explain.
I’m a huge believer in supporting the local economy. Wherever possible we use local businesses to supply us.
We’ve recently joined forces with our High Street neighbours Carpentier & Co to host street food evenings on Thursday and Friday and they’ve already proved a big hit with people.
Harriet who owns the superb deli served up wonderful tapas that went down a storm.
At £5 a plate including a baguette it’s a real bargain. Working with our neighbouring businesses is good for everyone. Us, them and the public – it’s a real win win win situation!
Future street food evenings will feature Mexican, American and European themes to name but a few.
In a little over a month’s time we’ll be holding our own FREE Oktoberfest beer festival. The Queen’s Head will turn into a Munich beer hall for a week at the start of the month and again we’ve teamed up with local independent shops to make it all possible and popular.
Harriet and her team will be providing Currywurst and other German cuisine and Jason from the Beer Asylum on Bridge Street will supply a range of bottle beers from Germany.
We’ll be stocking German beers on tap and the choice that’ll be available is second to none.
In case beer isn’t your tipple of choice we’re also running our second gin festival during the same week. The last one was staggeringly successful and this one promises to be even better with 24 different gins.
Watch out for more information on the Oktoberfest and the gin festival as well as news on the global street food coming to The Queen’s Head over the next few weeks.
And just to clarify if you are popping in for a coffee or soft drink and using our car park please make sure you register your vehicle at the bar. It’s easy to do but if you need any help whatsoever ask one of our members of staff.
Stay happy, stay healthy and stay safe.

Thanks for reading,


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posted Tue 19th May 2016 at 19:29

Post Brexit Pinner & Street Food

Building a post Brexit Britain

Welcome to the Behind the Bar blog. My name is Sean White and I’m the landlord of The Queen’s Head in Pinner’s historic High Street. Along with my team I share the goings on at our busy pub which has sat proudly at the centre of the community since 1540.

So it’s been almost a month since the momentous decision to leave the European Union.
As readers of this blog will know I’m very pro Europe, voted to Remain and still fly the European Union flags at the pub.
The decision to do that has seen me receive a lot more support than anything else.
But democracy has spoken and we have to accept it and get on with making it worth for us and for future generations.
One thing we don’t have to stand for though is some of the racist comments I’ve heard since the vote.
At The Queen’s Head we have a total and absolute ban on any form of racism, sexism or homophobia.
Brexit will be a challenge. I can see a new type of EU coming out of its ashes but how that would look remains to be seen.
But as I’ve said now’s the time to be cracking on with things, working hard and shaping the future.
At the pub we’re introducing street food evenings throughout August and September with a view to running them throughout the year.
They’ll take place between Thursday and Sunday evenings and are a partnership between myself, and Carpentier & Co and renowned local chef and restaurant owner Terry Farr from Friend’s Restaurant.
The idea is to bring some amazingly affordable and delicious ‘street food’ to the pub.  So look out for notifications on our Tapas evenings, Paellas parties and soul food festivals.
I’m really excited about this and think it’s going to be very popular.
There are a lot of talented people in Pinner, many involved in the food industry and we are looking to involve them in what we are doing. So if it sounds like something you can bring a skill (or cuisine) to the table please get in touch.
Stay positive, stay healthy and stay safe.

Thanks for reading,

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posted Thu 2nd May 2016 at 15:19

Time to get smart

Time to get smart
Welcome to the Behind the Bar blog. My name is Sean White and I’m the landlord of The Queen’s Head in Pinner’s historic High Street. Along with my team I share the goings on at our busy pub which has sat proudly at the centre of the community since 1540.

Firstly apologies for the gap between my most recent blog posts.
It’s been a very busy spell at the pub and I literally haven’t stopped.
Also thank you to those who got in touch or wanted to have a chat about my Brexit blog. Some of you had very different views to me but it created some interesting conversations.
It goes to show that people can express vastly different opinions without having to resort to personal insults and scare mongering– if only our politicians could be so urbane.
This week I’m writing about an issue much closer to home and very close to my heart.
Sartorial standards. Yes that’s right folks I think as a population many of us need to smarten up our appearance. Over the years I’ve seen a decline in the way people dress. Blue denim, scruffy t-shirts and scuffed trainers seems to be a default uniform now.
I’m not a card carrying member of the fashion police. Far from it. But I do feel strongly that people should make more of an appearance when it comes to what they wear.
I’ve seen landlords in the past (think pubs not property although I’m sure this could apply to both) who take zero care in what they wear.
In one pub I visited last summer the landlord was walking around in flip flops, raggedy old shorts and a vest. He was more dressed for the beach than the bar.
At the Queen’s Head we have a dress policy for staff which outlines what we think is acceptable but also takes into account that the way a person dresses is a personal statement.
A friend told me about something his sartorially elegant father used to say: “When you’re well dressed son people take you more seriously.” Wise words.
To bring the conversation back round to Europe I think our continental cousins take much greater pride in their appearance than us. If you’ve ever been to Rome, Milan or Paris you’ll know what I mean.
My next point also concerns Europe. Don’t worry folks I haven’t been struck down with a morbid obsession brought on by blanket Brexit coverage.
Next week the European Football Championships start. As a pub which prides itself on being somewhere people can have a conversation without competing against big TV screens and overly loud music we won’t be showing any football.
So if you’re not a fan of the beautiful game, or just want to escape some of the bland pundits who commentate on it, pop in for a drink and a chat.
And before I forget on the last Sunday of every month throughout the summer we’ll be having a BBQ on our patio with live music.

Thanks for reading,

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posted Fri 8th May 2016 at 18:22


My Views on the Brexit Debate
Welcome to the Behind the Bar blog. My name is Sean White and I’m the landlord of The Queen’s Head in Pinner’s historic High Street. Along with my team I share the goings on at our busy pub which has sat proudly at the centre of the community since 1540.

One of the busiest days in our pub’s calendar is St George’s Day.
It’s a fantastic celebration which sees the village come together for the traditional wheelbarrow race, wheelbarrow joust, Morris Dancers, live music and much more.
The pub gets involved by paying for the Punch and Judy Show which delights the kids and raises money for the Starlight Charity which makes dreams come true for terminally ill children.
I’ll be proudly having our St George’s Cross flag on display at the pub. I’ll also be proud to have a European Union flag on display.
As you may now have guessed I’m pro Europe and have absolutely no intention of sitting on the fence when it comes to the Brexit debate.
I think it will be a disaster for future generations if we leave.
A leave vote will have the rest of the World look at its fifth biggest economy and label us Little Britain.
The EU has its faults but for me the good outweighs the bad. Monetary union via the Euro always struck me as a bad idea for example but the freedom to travel, trade openly and a host of other reasons make me feel it’s better to stay in.
Immigration seems to be a key battleground on which both camps will go head to head.
The hospitality industry is one of a number of sectors that would be hit hard by a leave vote. Many people who currently work in the industry hail from EU countries.
The years of uncertainty following a vote to leave are bound to have a big economic impact. One thing the money markets like less than a Panama Papers expose is uncertainty of any type.
I think the timing of the referendum is unfortunate because we have some other really serious issues to deal with in the UK.
The chronic housing shortage is one, as are the decline of the National Health Service and the lack of people joining the teaching profession.
But for me there is one huge reason to stay in the EU and one that I feel is being overlooked.
The closer union between European countries has meant peace among member states since the end of World War Two. That’s more than sixty years without conflict.
My fear would be who knows where the UK’s relationship could lead to in the future.
On June 23rd we will all get our say and I’m hoping for my children’s generation and my grandson’s future it’s a resounding STAY!
Thanks for reading,


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posted Thu 24th May 2016 at 18:09

Gin is IN

We’re featuring one of the biggest comeback kids known to man (and woman) this Easter weekend.
Welcome to the Behind the Bar blog. My name is Sean White and I’m the landlord of The Queen’s Head in Pinner’s historic High Street. Along with my team I share the goings on at our busy pub which has sat proudly at the centre of the community since 1540.

Up until a few years ago gin was a good drink with a bad name.
If it wasn’t  associated with poverty stricken Victorian slum dwellers selling their offspring for a tot of it then you’d find it partnered up as a drink only drank by depressed suburban housewives (often in secret).
But gin has made a comeback folks. Gin is now IN.
And to celebrate we’re having some fantastic special offers on a huge range of premium quality gins this Easter Weekend.
These include Sipsmith, Caorunn, Hendricks, Tanqueray and the brilliantly named Monkey 47!
You can wash these down with Fever-Tree tonics which come in delicious flavours including Premium Indian, Lemon, Elderflower and Naturally Light.
Prices vary but at £6 for a now very fashionable G & T you’ll be saving at least £1.50 on what are some really delicious combinations.
I think the focus on quality gins that are well marketed to new audiences has helped shed the negative image it had once held.
We’re even having a gin festival in a couple of weeks’ time – look out for my next blog when we’ll be discussing that in more detail.
We’re also introducing freshly made cocktails for the first time ever at the Queen’s Head. We’re kicking off with Mojitos and Cosmopolitans for just £6. Again that’s a big saving of £1.50 for every drink you enjoy over this long weekend.
Our opening hours are the same as usual. Friday and Saturday we’re open until midnight and Sunday and Monday it’s 11pm.
There are also a handful of tickets left for our giant Easter egg draw. It’s about 3 foot high, must weigh as much as a well fed toddler and is being raffled to raise money for Harrow Lions.
We’re delighted to be doing our little bit to help what is a fantastic charity which is working hard locally for the benefit of the community.
So all that’s left for me to say is have an eggsellent Easter (sorry I couldn’t resist it – but I have managed to keep my hands off of the giant Easter egg!)

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