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posted Fri 4th Aug 2018 at 16:24

Award Winning Pub

Welcome from officially the best pub in Harrow

Welcome to the Behind the Bar blog. My name is Sean White and I’m the landlord of The Queen’s Head in Pinner’s historic High Street.
Along with my team I share the goings on at our busy pub which has sat proudly at the centre of the community since 1540.

When I took over The Queen’s Head my goal was always to make it the best pub in the borough of Harrow.
My team and I have all worked tirelessly over the years to make our pub a place where people can come together to share good times in a safe, modern, friendly and totally inclusive environment.
So, you can imagine my absolute delight when we recently saw off 53 other public houses and bars to be awarded the Best Independent pub in Harrow by the Best Bar None organisation who worked in partnership with Harrow Council.
Best Bar None is an Accreditation Scheme with National Awards supported by the Home Office and the drinks industry which is aimed primarily at promoting responsible management and operation of alcohol licensed premises.
It was piloted in Manchester in 2003 and found to improve standards in the Evening and Night Time Economy, with premises now competing to participate.
This is an award to all the team at The Queen’s Head. I’m so proud of these young people who work hard, have fun and make sure our guests are well looked after.
I need to make a special thank you to Kirsty MacPhee. Kirsty, our General Manager is an absolute gem and a key part of our team. She put in all the hard work to enter us for this award and I am chuffed that her efforts and that of all her colleagues has been recognised.
We received the award at the Masonic Hall in Kenton at an event 10 days ago which all the team attended. We had a great celebration after the event as you can imagine.
I’d also like to thank our guests from the regulars to the occasional pop in for a pint (or a coffee, we serve great coffee – watch out for more of that in our next blog).
As pubs shut down in their droves across the country we never take for granted the custom we receive and it’s that which drives us on to keep striving to offer the best possible experience in Harrow – which we can now proudly say we officially do.

Thanks for reading.


posted Wed 28th Aug 2018 at 14:29

Easter Blog

Easter blog

Welcome to the Behind the Bar blog. My name is Sean White and I’m the landlord of The Queen’s Head in Pinner’s historic High Street.
Along with my team I share the goings on at our busy pub which has sat proudly at the centre of the community since 1540.

Tonnes of chocolates, loads of bunnies, piles of hot cross buns and hopefully plenty of family get-togethers. That’s right folks the long Easter weekend is nigh upon us. A time for enjoying family traditions. And in many cases probably putting on a few pounds over the long weekend. Some Easter traditions around Europe raised an eyebrow or two in the Queen’s Head this week. In parts of the Czech Republic and Slovakia there’s an Easter Monday morning ritual of men lightly whipping women! Apparently, it’s so the women keep their health, beauty and fertility for the next year.However, the women get revenge later in the afternoon by pouring buckets of freezing cold water over the men’s heads. Sounds fair to me.
Closer to home it’s also traditionally a busy weekend for the pub. We’ll be open until midnight on Good Friday and Easter Saturday.  Easter Sunday open till 11.00pm and the Monday night quiz will be happening as usual. This Easter will also mark the opening of our outside bar, so you can have a drink al fresco on Friday and Saturday evenings. The bar is fully stocked and was always on my to do list when I took over the pub. It’ll be open until October and we’ll still be offering the delicious Barrel & Stone pizzas and piadines to guests wherever your relaxing, inside or outside the pub.
Another welcome addition to the Queen’s Head’s offering to our guests will be the premium Japanese beer Asahi. The Japanese don’t produce low quality things and this beer will be among the highest quality of those we sell.
Here’s to wishing you all a Happy Easter and we would love to welcome you and your families this weekend.  Thank you for your continued support and thanks for reading.

posted Thu 15th Aug 2018 at 17:45

Updated thu 15th aug 2018 at 17:47

Raise your glasses to the legend of St Pat

Raise your glasses to the legend of St Pat

Welcome to the Behind the Bar blog. My name is Sean White and I’m the landlord of The Queen’s Head in Pinner’s historic High Street.
Along with my team I share the goings on at our busy pub which has sat proudly at the centre of the community since 1540.

So, it’s one of my favourite days of the year this Saturday 17th March.
St Patrick’s Day. As I’ve said before it’s a day when everyone becomes Irish regardless of where you are from.
I say everyone, but English rugby fans can be excused for begging to differ as they play the boys in green on Saturday.
We’ll be celebrating in traditional Irish fashion with live music from Jason Hakin and above all the most important recipe in any St Pat’s celebrations -good company and good humour.
But far from being just a marketing tool for global Irishness and the hospitality trade the legend of St Patrick is a fascinating one.
Legend has it he was a fifth-century Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland. Known as the "Apostle of Ireland.”
The dates of his life can’t be fixed with certainty, but there is broad agreement that he was active as a missionary in Ireland during the second half of the 5th century.
He’s regarded as the founder of Christianity in Ireland.
When he was about 16, he was captured by Irish pirates (who knew there was such a thing) from his home in Britain and taken as a slave to Ireland to look after animals.
He lived there for six years before escaping and returning to his family. After becoming a cleric, he returned to northern and western Ireland. In later life, he served as a bishop, but little is known about the places where he worked. By the seventh century, he had already come to be revered as the patron saint of Ireland.
St Patrick is often credited with driving out all the snakes from Ireland. Quite a feat because the consensus of scientists believes there were none on the Emerald Isle to begin with. But hey let’s not spoil a good story.
Saint Patrick's Day is the supposed date of his death.
So, come on down to the Queen’s Head this weekend and raise a glass in memory of St Pat and in celebration of people of all different backgrounds coming together to share a drink and enjoy the craic!



posted Fri 9th Aug 2018 at 14:02

Why we're proud to fly the Rainbow Flag

Why We’re Proud to Fly the Rainbow Flag
Welcome to the Behind the Bar blog. My name is Sean White and I’m the landlord of The Queen’s Head in Pinner’s historic High Street.
Along with my team I share the goings on at our busy pub which has sat proudly at the centre of the community since 1540.

I’ve never be afraid to stand up for what I believe in and stick my colours to the mast so to speak.
Recent examples of that are continuing to fly the European Union flag outside the pub post Brexit and flying the Rainbow flag to show the Queen’s Head’s support of LGBT rights.
My goal from the beginning of taking over here has been to turn the pub into a place where everyone is welcomed and feels included.
I don’t care whether you’re black, white, Asian, straight, gay, bi-sexual, transgender or young or old – the Queen’s Head welcomes everyone in the same warm and friendly way.
The Rainbow flag is a symbol of gay rights and in many ways freedom for all people and that’s why I’m proud to fly it.
I’m also proud of the line up of events we have coming up over the next few weeks.
Some dates for your diary, especially if you have a date lined up include our Valentine’s week which offers a deal to get a free bottle of prosecco when you order two large Barrel and Stone pizzas from us.
At the start of March, we’ll be celebrating St David’s Day on the first of the month. With a celebration of things Welsh including live music, traditional food and a pub filled with daffodils and good cheer.
That’s followed a week later with a very special event on March 8th – we’ll be hosting a quiz to celebrate International Women’s’ Day. It’s £2 per person and ALL monies will go towards a number of charities, which supports women who have suffered domestic abuse.
Our very own Jess Hutchison will be the quiz manager and it will be a brilliant night of fun for a very good cause.  Complimentary food on the night.
We’re equal opportunity employers and you’ll find no BBC style gender pay gap here.
In the year of the 100th anniversary of the first women winning the right to vote it’s never been more important to build a culture where everyone is equal, accepted and respected.
Thanks for reading and check out our website for more details on our full events calendar this spring.

posted Sun 7th Aug 2018 at 16:43

Updated thu 25th aug 2018 at 16:19

More than just a pub

More than just a pub

Welcome to the Behind the Bar blog. My name is Sean White and I’m the landlord of The Queen’s Head in Pinner’s historic High Street.
Along with my team I share the goings on at our busy pub which has sat proudly at the centre of the community since 1540.

The world-famous football team Barcelona FC have a motto - Més que un Club – or if your Spanish isn’t too fluent – More than a club.
It’s because they, quite rightly, see themselves as being a lot more than an organisation which hosts the most talented footballers on earth. It’s a social institution, a place where people become united and a symbol of local and regional pride.
It’s an ethos I really admire and something I aspire to achieving with the Queen’s Head.

This month many people will be doing a ‘Dry January’ where they abstain from alcohol for a month. I was asked if this affects our trade and in all honesty, it does a little, but the pub has so much more too offer.

In an age of increasing social isolation and records levels of loneliness we offer a place where people can come together and socialise, and that’s true whether it’s January or July, whether people are drinking alcohol or our Seattle Coffee, Seedlip premium non-alcoholic drinks or simply having a cup of tea.

Far from being a ‘drinking den’ a good pub provides that special space to chat, debate, share stories, tell jokes, announce news and air your worries and ideas. There’s so much more to a good pub than the beers, wines or spirits on sale. It’s the sense of community, camaraderie and social inclusion that ALL of us need to live healthy, happy lives.

I believe that the Queen’s Head offers all of that, throughout the year, and a lot more besides.
We have a fantastic mix of regular guests who chat happily away to each other including doctors, teachers, accountants, builders, car dealers, van drivers and solicitors – all brought together by their visits to the Queen’s Head.

I like to think ‘we’re more than just a pub.’

Also, if you fancy a free meal out and some great entertainment keep the 24th January free in your diary.

Our popular Burns’ Night festivities will be happening and there’ll be complimentary haggis, neaps and tatties served and one free dram of Scotch for guests on the evening.
We’ll also have live music and the traditional addressing of the Haggis.

Thanks for reading and wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018.


posted Fri 15th Aug 2017 at 18:11

Christmas 2017

A Christmas Challenge at The Queen’s Head

Welcome to the Behind the Bar blog. My name is Sean White and I’m the landlord of The Queen’s Head in Pinner’s historic High Street.
Along with my team I share the goings on at our busy pub which has sat proudly at the centre of the community since 1540.

Firstly, apologies for not blogging for a while.
We’ve been incredibly busy with improving the experience our guests have at the Queen’s Head.
This includes our new outdoor bar and patio area which proved a massive hit during the excellent Pinner Pantomime evening.
I love these community events because they bring people together.
And what brings us together better than Christmas?
It’s a time when goodwill among people is at its peak but as Bing Crosby once said,
"Unless we make Christmas an occasion to share our blessings, all the snow in Alaska won't make it 'white'.
One of the best parts of my job is seeing people in the pub talking to each other, sharing stories, reminiscing, planning, debating and simply connecting in some way.
And that’s what we’re aiming to help people do more of this Christmas – connect.
It’s the reason we won’t be having live music this year, we want to leave a blank conversational canvas for people to fill with their own stories, trials, tribulations and triumphs.
So, here’s my invitation to all of you accompanied by a challenge.
Everyone is welcome at the Queen’s Head this festive period, and what better way to get into the real spirit of the celebrations than striking up a conversation with someone you don’t yet know?
It saddens me when I read about the levels of loneliness people are experiencing in our society.
If only we broke that initial ice with people and connected more with each other, we could ALL do something about it.
And that’s something I’ll be raising a cup of Christmas cheer to.
For those of you who have been following our planning application tribulations regarding our desire to open a hotel at the Queen’s Head, you’ll be pleased to know that we will be submitting a new application in January for a much larger project involving the creation of 15 rooms with a restaurant and meeting rooms facility (all on this site) Watch this space!

Our Christmas Opening Hours are:

Christmas Eve 11.00 - Midnight
Christmas Day 12.00 - 2.00pm
Christmas Night 8.00pm - Midnight
Boxing Day 12.00 - 11.00pm
New Year's Eve 11.00 - 5.00pm
New Year's Eve Night  8.00pm - 12.30*

 *Tickets for New Year’s Eve night are available behind the bar £25.00 each. They include a 2-course buffet and fizz on arrival.  Limited to 75 guests - first come, first served - cash sales only.
Thanks for reading and a very Merry Christmas,`
"I will hold Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year." 
- Charles Dickens.


posted Fri 1st Aug 2017 at 14:35

Hold the Front Page

Hold the front page – Our Hotel Plan Update

Welcome to the Behind the Bar blog. My name is Sean White and I’m the landlord of The Queen’s Head in Pinner’s historic High Street.
Along with my team I share the goings on at our busy pub which has sat proudly at the centre of the community since 1540.

We’ve had an incredible response to the front-page article in the August issue of My Pinner News.
I’ve lost count of the number of people who have kindly contacted me saying they support our plan to turn the disused first floor of the pub into a 5-bedroom boutique hotel.
A petition has been created and we’ve already had more than 200 people sign it.
I’ve even had people enquiring about rooms and jobs – supporting our point that there is a need for accommodation in Pinner and it will certainly bring jobs.
The plan to bring boutique accommodation to the village was challenged by a local historian and the Pinner Association.
We employed an archaeologist and historical consultant to come in and look at the pub and he created a comprehensive report which states he believes our plans are sympathetic and in keeping with the pub’s rich history.  He also identified the ‘historic staircase’ as being 20th century, unlike the local historian who identified it as 16th century??
I’ve also written an open letter to the Pinner Association’s officers and committee outlining my concerns that they are not in touch with local feeling and do not reflect the diversity of Pinner’s changing community, and that they should stand down with immediate effect.
I think a new way is needed when it comes to keeping Pinner the wonderful village that it is but at the same time looking to the future and how we can improve the area.
I’ve taken this open letter approach as I was disappointed that no one from the Association came to see me to discuss their concerns before they objected to it. I would have been more than happy to show them, or indeed anyone, our proposals.
If you haven’t seen the My Pinner News article please follow this link below.

There’s a meeting of Harrow Council on September 7 where a decision will be made on our plan.  If you would like to support our application, please feel free to email Councillor Keith Ferry, the chair of the planning committee at Harrow Council.
Thanks for reading and thank you for your support.


posted Sun 6th Aug 2017 at 15:59

Pinner (We don't want new jobs) Association

Our Hotel Plan Blocked – For Now
Welcome to the Behind the Bar blog. My name is Sean White and I’m the landlord of The Queen’s Head in Pinner’s historic High Street.

Along with my team I share the goings on at our busy pub which has sat proudly at the centre of the community since 1540.
We received some bad news earlier this week.
Let me rephrase that, Pinner received some potentially bad news.
As some of you know we submitted detailed plans last month for our proposal to turn the unused floor (aside from storing old boxes) above the pub into five boutique style hotel rooms.
Harrow Council informed us this week the plan is to be rejected by its planning department.
From my understanding, this is mainly down to two objections.
Firstly, from a local historian. And secondly from the Pinner Association.
The objections were from people who were offered the opportunity to pop into the pub so I could show them around upstairs and share the plan with them.
To be honest I’m really disappointed. We put a lot time, money and effort into creating a plan which was in keeping with the pub’s rich history, we were going to name suites after famous local people including Heath Robinson among distinguished others.
We employed a heritage consultant who provided us with a detailed 49-page report on the best ways to convert the disused floor and retain its historical importance and relevance.
But most disappointingly if the proposal to reject the plan is approved by Harrow Council there will be four new jobs, which the hotel would’ve created, lost forever.
There will be less visitors staying in the village and spending money in the local community.
And there will be absolutely nowhere for people who want to visit friends and family to stay in the village.
The original plan came about because daily we get calls asking if we offer accommodation. Often from people visiting their families or attending local weddings, celebrations and anniversaries.
At a time when local businesses are closing (the long-established Pinner Tandoori closed its doors recently) and the village centre seeing more and more empty shops we were trying to invest money to bring more people to Pinner. Which would have benefits for everyone.
But hope springs eternal and following some debate and calls the plan will now be forward to a full council meeting on September 7th where councillors will decide.
I’ll keep you all updated and we have a petition available in the pub to sign if you want to support our efforts to open a much needed 5-room boutique hotel in the heart of Pinner.

Thanks for reading,

posted Tue 20th Aug 2017 at 17:26

Pinner Pride

It’s Time for Pride in Pinner

Welcome to the Behind the Bar blog. My name is Sean White and I’m the landlord of The Queen’s Head in Pinner’s historic High Street.
Along with my team I share the goings on at our busy pub which has sat proudly at the centre of the community since 1540.

The past three months has seen so much bad news.
Terrorism, political instability and the tragic, but wholly avoidable Grenfell Tower tragedy.
But it’s at testing times, traumatic times, that the people of the UK unite behind our common values of tolerance, generosity and decency.
And it’s with all those values in mind that I’m delighted that the Queen’s Head is hosting a Pinner Pride event to celebrate our LGBT community.
From Saturday 24th June to July 9th we’ll be hosting a series of events to mark Gay pride.
We’ll be proudly flying the Rainbow flag above the pub during this time.
I’m a huge believer in equality and take pride in our pub being a place for ALL the community regardless of faith, gender, sexuality or race, to come and do the most human of things – chat and enjoy each other’s company.
It’s by meeting up, talking together, sharing opinions and insights that we learn about what makes us different but also, and crucially important at this time in our history, what we have in common.
We will be hosting a Gin Festival during our Pinner Pride celebrations featuring 30 gins from around the world – including Ireland’s handcrafted Dingle Gin.
I was also glad that several readers of the blog noticed I was in the tiny minority of people who predicted a hung parliament before the General Election.
I think that we’ll be heading to the polls again around October as I can’t see how the Conservative DUP alliance can stick. You heard it here first folks.
We look forward to seeing you at the Queen’s Head to celebrate all what’s good (and there is plenty of it) in our community.

Thanks for reading,


posted Tue 13th Aug 2017 at 19:31

Father's Day 2017

Father’s Day – It’s About Time

Welcome to the Behind the Bar blog. My name is Sean White and I’m the landlord of The Queen’s Head in Pinner’s historic High Street. Along with my team I share the goings on at our busy pub which has sat proudly at the centre of the community since 1540.

Sunday June 18 is Father’s Day.

And far from a cynical marketing scheme devised to pull more money out of people’s pockets I actually think it’s a great idea.
It’s not about spending loads on lavish gifts or meals.
As a father and grandfather the best present I can receive on the day is to simply spend time with my family.
My own dad taught me something very early on in my life.
He hailed from County Cavan in the Republic of Ireland and came over here to make a better life for himself and his family.
Running a pub is in my blood as my dad ran the Fox Inn in Twickenham when I was a young boy.
He treated his staff very well. Always courteous, a turkey for each of them at Christmas and wages paid on time every time (which wasn’t the norm for bar workers in those days).
And I’ll never forget something he said to me: “Always respect your staff son. They sell you the most precious thing in the World – their time.”
And the old fella was right. I see many parents in today’s World working all the hours that God sends.
A constant treadmill of being busy, focussed on earning as much as they can as quick as they can but all the time many of them are missing out magical family moments which they’ll never get back.
Father’s Day, or Mother’s Day or indeed any day set aside to spend quality time with your loved ones is for me, the best investment you can ever make.
At The Queen’s Head we will be having a special offer on Father’s Day to prove you don’t need to spend big money to have a great time.
We’re offering a delicious Hilton's Burger, salad and pint of Fosters or Carlsberg for just £10.
Children are very welcome, there will be live music from Jason Hakin and our lovely garden area will be bathed (hopefully) in sunshine.
So why not pop down, bring the kids, bring your dad and spend quality time together. It’s the most precious gift you can share.
Thanks for reading,

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