Queen's Head - Pinner
Our Staff
Sean G White MA, BA, Ad.Dip.Ed, Cert.Ed, FRSA - Licensee / Proprietor
Sean - Licensee / Proprietor
Sammie MBII - General Manager
Ellie - Manager
Erin - Manager
Rufus - Manager
Mia - Bar Team
Olivia - Bar Team
Alex - Bar Team
Sophie - Bar Team
Harry - Bar Team
Talia - Bar Team
Millie - Bar Team
Issy - Bar Team
Tara - Bar Team
Jayden - Glass Collector
Liam - Glass Collector
Haydon - Glass Collector
Ioana - Pub Janitor
Our staff are fully supported by a team of trainers who offer monthly training to the team collectively, and one to one training for management coaching.  In addition staff all have the opportunity to hold a personal license, and all full time staff are engaged in NVQ hospitality training.  Two staff are currently enrolled on a BA (Business Management) degree course offered by Arden University in conjunction with the Queen's Head graduate apprenticeship scheme.
Our in house trainer is Mr Rob Preece - Lead Investment trainer with Greene King Leased division.

Our in house online training is provided by FLOW Training and our Apprenticeship support training is provided by HIT Training Ltd.
All staff are paid considerably more than the London living wage plus pension scheme, comprehensive private health care, free travel, food and additional perks including an individual EAP.  The Queen's Head has been accredited by the Good Business Charter (August 2020)
We have a 'zero tolerence' policy towards any individual who harrasses our staff in any manner.  This includes remarks about race, gender, sexual orientation, size, height, weight, clothing, partner affiliations and abusive or foul language.  This also extends to any form of physical touching.  Customers are advised that they cannot take photographs of our staff without their consent.  Our staff are dignified people who work hard to serve customers to the best of their ability.  They have a right to be treated with equality and the respect they accord to others.  Individuals who breach our policy will be permanently barred, and the police informed and suppied with our CCTV footage which covers the whole pub. Registered sex offenders are permanently barred.  In line with London Borough of Harrow licensing policy (Banned from one, banned from all) anyone barred from licensed premises in the borough is also barred from the Queen's Head
The Queen's Head objects to any alcohol brand which objectifies or degrades men and women, and therefore will not stock any item with inappropriate names or images.